The 6 Best Inner Thigh Exercises to Tone Muscle, According to Pro Bodybuilder

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Cable Hip Adduction

The seated adductor machine may be the easy and obvious choice for targeting the inner thigh muscles. However, Raffle says that it’s not the best.

“It actually combines hip internal rotation with hip adduction, because of the angled position at the hip. And seated exercises burn fewer calories, so it’s less effective at toning,” he says.

Cable hip adduction, on the other hand, is a more targeted way to work the inner thigh. This is usually done with an ankle cuff attached to a pulley.

He suggests starting with a low weight. If it’s still too heavy you can move it up higher onto the leg.

“Take a wide stance and slowly move your legs together and apart,” he says. “You will need to slightly bend [at] your hip and knee so that the moving leg can move through the full range of motion without scraping the floor.”

Ballet Plié

This classic ballet move can’t be performed perfectly without strong thighs. You can only imagine the wonders it works for this muscle area.

“When I was a junior associate at the Royal Ballet, we did this move about a million times, and it’s a staple of most barre classes all over,” says Dr. Zehndorfer.

To start, stand upright in first position (stand with your heels together and toes pointed outwards). Holding gently onto a barre, high chair, or table, move into the downward plié position (bend slightly at the knees, keeping your body upright) and then return up, she explains.

This move is identical to the Sumo Squat mentioned earlier except the Plié Squat as described here involves holding onto a surface for balance. However, this is optional. The other potential difference between a Sumo Squat and a Plié Squat is that the sumo position may be wider.

As you reach the bottom of your plié, your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Do not go any lower than that.

Keep your weight in your heels to maintain balance and ensure you’re in the right alignment.

Continue as many reps as those thighs can handle!

Side Step-Ups

This side-step movement causes the inner thigh to work hard at generating movement, but also stabilizing your knee, explains Dr. Adams.

To perform this inner thigh exercise, find a bench or chair that will support your weight, as you’ll need to step on it!

“Standing beside the bench, step onto it sideways, keeping your foot flat and your trailing leg up. And then carefully step down, maintaining your sideways position the entire time,” says Dr. Adams.

“It’s important that you avoid rotating your hips or torso so that you’re facing the bench. This makes it a simple step-up.” Do as many side step-ups as you can before switching to the other side.

To make this move more challenging, Dr. Adams suggests adding extra weight with either a dumbbell or medicine ball. You can also add a cardio component by moving quickly. Just be careful to maintain proper form and watch your step!

Add these inner thigh exercises to your weekly workout routine to target this hard to reach area and to keep your thighs sculpted and toned.

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