This 20-Min Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Will Seriously Tone Your Butt

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Lift, firm, and strengthen your glutes with this 20-minute Brazilian butt lift workout.

Brazilian women are known for their glamorous and shapely rounded butt.

They have even sparked a wave of interest from both men and women.

Women want to have a curvaceous butt and a lot of men find that very attractive.

Part of their well rounded and firm behind is credited to their work in the gym.

And thankfully, we can all add in those glute building exercises that can lift, firm, and round your rear end.

The key here is it’s not one exercise that gets your butt from flat to full.

In fact, it takes several.

That’s because your butt and hip are comprised of several different butt muscles. One that goes from your hip to the butt. One right around the butt, and the other from the hamstrings to the butt.

Creating a fuller behind is all about making use of several glute exercises that target each and all.

To cover all muscles in the rear and effectively target them to shape your butt, I came up with a quick workout.

It’s a 20-minute Brazilian butt lifting workout you can do at home or the gym.

No equipment needed and beginner friendly, so make a room in your living room, and let’s get started. 

20-Min Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Perform each exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions and the sets. One thing I can’t over-emphasize when it comes to exercises is the importance of forms.

You have to perform them in the proper form to be effective and prevent injuries.

Please read the instructions carefully.

1. GLute Bridge

The glute bridge is a great butt move that isolates and strengthens the posterior muscles.

This includes your glutes, hamstrings and lower back. What I love about this exercise is that you don’t even have to get out of bed to do it.

How to:

Lie flat on your back with feet flat against the floor and knees bent. Feet should be hip-width apart. Squeeze your glutes to lift your hips off the floor to form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.

Pause at the top for 1-2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. Continue for 12-15 reps.

Form tip: Be sure not to over hyperextend at the top to prevent hurting your lower back. Also, make sure to keep the focus on your glutes.

2. Bodyweight Squat

The bodyweight squat is an effective butt exercise you can do to tighten the glutes. It effectively targets the glutes, thighs, hamstrings, and calves. You can do it anywhere and no exercise equipment is needed.

It’s an exercise that’s highly recommended by almost every personal trainer. Learn how to do a perfect squat.

3. Bodyweight Split Squat

This is one of the best butt and leg exercises you can do for developing your lower body. The bodyweight split squat work your butt, thighs, hip muscles, and hamstrings. Do 10 to 15 reps on each leg.

4. Superman Exercise

This is another exercise you don’t have to get out of bed to do. Superman exercise is a great butt exercise for beginners. It is also a good exercise to supplement all those crunches you’ve been doing.

The superman exercise strengthens your lower back and tones your glutes. I do this exercise almost every day. Here are the instructions for it.

5. Mini-Band Side-Step

The mini-band side-step is the perfect exercise for working the outer thighs muscles. Not only this exercise will help lift your buttock muscles but also they work your knees.

You just need to get a mini-band for them which costs about $3-5.

It’s worth the spend and you can hardly call this equipment. Here’s to perform the mini-band side-step.

Final Note

These glutes exercises are particularly helpful in building and shaping your butt muscles. But not just that, they also make your posteriors stronger.

By working your biggest butt muscle, gluteus maximus, you also get the benefit of toning. It’s one area if you keep working on it, you’ll start to see take shape, gain strength, and build firmness.

Do this workout a few days a week to get your own set of Brazilian butt.

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